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Based in the Czech Republic, ModemTec is a leading R&D company in the area of Smart Metering/Smart Grids. ModemTec is well-known developer of products based on reliable narrowband Power Line Communication (PLC) – smart e-meters for residentials, power line modems, data concentrators, local control units, and plays active role in development of multiutility solutions and security standards implementation.

pondělí, 16 březen 2015 10:07

There is no doubt that power lines are part of critical infrastructure. Power engineering is now at its most dramatic development phase. Unfortunately, progress in technologies and political decisions tend to complicate development.

pátek, 08 srpen 2014 00:00

Briefy put:
Calibration of e-meters is vital when operating at high frequencies with high harmonics. Failure to do so will result in incorrect measurement and readings. Simple solutions are available to measure harmonics with high accuracy.

čtvrtek, 07 srpen 2014 00:00

Briefy put:
Examines the role of current interoperability standards and calls into question whether these are truly interoperable. Examining PRIME, G3-PLC, and OSGP and determining whether the interoperability is truly across the entire system, or just within a few reference layers of the whole communication model.

středa, 06 srpen 2014 00:00

Briefy put: as more elements are added into the grid, power quality standards and measurement need to be reassessed to take into consideration the necessity of more refned standards.