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Based in the Czech Republic, ModemTec is a leading R&D company in the area of Smart Metering/Smart Grids. ModemTec is well-known developer of products based on reliable narrowband Power Line Communication (PLC) – smart e-meters for residentials, power line modems, data concentrators, local control units, and plays active role in development of multiutility solutions and security standards implementation.

úterý, 18 říjen 2016 07:56

ModemTec proudly invites you to the international exhibition European Utility Week, which will take part in Barcelona, Spain in November 15-17.

středa, 12 říjen 2016 08:59

At the beginning of October, developers from PLC communication team released new a version of firmware that is now default in these models:

pondělí, 08 srpen 2016 12:27

Technical parameters of e-meters are defined by totally outdated standards today. These standards do not reflect current state of knowledge and real state on the power supply system.

středa, 02 březen 2016 07:52

The aim of this article is to show how it is possible to measure harmonics and with high accuracy. In the previous article (Metering X/2014 page XX) demonstrated why and how they arise harmonics on the network and that the level of these harmonics often exceeds the amplitude and frequency range defined in the relevant standards. The conclusion was spoken of the energy needs of the harmonic measure.