Smart metering, Smart Grid

Smart grids are the next generation networks, which enable the regulation of production and consumption of electricity in real time, both in the local and a global scale. Its principle is an interactive two-way communication between production sources and consumers about the current possibilities of production and consumption of energy.
In our offer you can find the residential smart meters, data concentrators and communications units for meters.

Remote reading of water, gas, electricity

Fully automatic system for monitoring and visualization of electricity consumption. This application covers all types of energy - electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, heat cost allocators. 
System allows remote reading, detection of unauthorized consumption,secured data transfer from measuring point to the central application, etc. SYMUR is an unique tool for saving energy & costs.

Data transmission in industrial environments

Application of data transmission is primarily intended for tunneling Modbus protocol via power line communication on 230V power grid. Roughly speaking, it is an extension of the serial port communication to a distance of several kilometers.