Centre for Intelligent Power Engineering

Since its founding, ModemTec is focused on R&D activities. Excellent understanding and application of modern components is a guarantee for establishing of specialized R&D Centre for development of devices that help to manage changes in power engineering on the threshold of the 3rd Millenium. This intention is supported by the Czech state subsidiary. The aim of the Centre is quickly react to potential needs of power industry. 

The Centre comprises of three parts: 

Research laboratory – experienced team of technicians from ModemTec and specialists from academic sphere develop devices. Soft ware laboratory – it is equipped with many useful research tools that enable to simulate proposed solution and create optimized final proposals. 

Testing laboratory - Its activities can be divided into three main groups: Accuracy verification of proposed products – most of measuring equipment is in accordance with calibration methods and standards, and, in many cases, exceeds them.

Long-term reliability verification – based on our experiences from real operation, the testing equipment (incl. temperature strain) helps us to create extreme operati on conditi ons repeatedly, in order to test product resistance. Artificial poly-phased system – both parts (supply, and consumpti on) can be controlled with the aim of product testing for operation states that are located in distribution system (flickers, harmonics and inter-harmonics of voltage and current, rapid supply change, micro outages, etc.).