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The results of the development are the ModemTec's PLC devices and modems that are able to transmit data through the existing low-voltage power lines, while no further investments into construction of communication channels (i.e. purchase and laying of cables, or radio and wireless devices, which are not even able to ensure reliable communication in environment with industrial interferences) are necessary. Our modules can be used i.e. in these areas:

  • Remote metering of electric and non-electric values (temperature, humidity), data processing and management
  • Remote metering of M-Bus meters (water meters, gas meters, hat meters, e-meters)
  • Data transfer in industrial environment (transfer of MODBus and further protocols)
  • Remote transfer of I/O status


During the development of PLC communication, a great stress was laid on communication robustness, which is provided, among other things, through the DBPSK multi-channel modulation, the Reed Salomon error correction, and through flexible communication feature modifications depending on the power line conditions. All technologies and know-how used in our modems, including basic chips, have been developed by our company without any participation by third parties. The ModemTec Company owns business rights for these technologies and know-how.

The new generation of narrow-band modems has been developed with a focus on communication robustness, the result of which is a reliable data transmission even within power lines with significantly higher levels of interference, compared to the levels permitted by standards. Both minimum costs related to the installation of PLC communication and the reliability of the ModemTec Company's PLC modems have ensured our products a stable position among the communication devices for industrial automation applications. The full portfolio of input/output devices includes binary, analogue and digital channels for the communication within the existing low-voltage power lines. The ModemTec Company has successfully undergone complex certification of its products. At present, the ModemTec modems are sold to the clients who provide solutions in the fields of automation and regulation and for the final customers i.e. school catering, museums…

The experience with our modems makes us sure that PLC communication will become one of the important communication channels for automated meter readings (AMR) and other applications in the field of industrial automation and monitoring. Greater usage of the PLC modems that make use of the existing power lines as a communication medium will constitute a new impulse to the development of applications in the field of industrial automation, integration as well as other communication solutions.