Customer Control

ModemTec‘s products play active role in Smart Grid solutions. One of them is customer control. ModemTec offers following solutions: 

Ripple Control Receiver (RCR) replacement 
Power producer/distributor can control relief relay in smart e-meters through commands sent via PLC Communication. This communication is secured and it operates in broadcast/multi cast mode. It is possible to control all meters at once, or by defined groups, respectively. In comparison with RCR, this type of control enables higher flexibility and security levels. 

Social program 
In case customer does not pay his bills for power supply, he needn’t be disconnected immediately, but significantly limited. He will not be able to use his appliances in full regime. This limitation could be in several levels. In case the given limit is exceeded, smart meter disconnects him from the power network temporarily. After a while, he can be again connected (with limit). If customer pays the bill, the restriction is cancelled, if not, he can be fully disconnected. 

Start from the darkness 
If the power supply (after blackout) is renewed, all customers are not connected immediately. The reconnection occurs in stage-by-stage mode. Connecting is thus randomly divided into longer time period, so that the peak load will not follow immediately after the start. If there are more circuits within one customer, lower output circuit could be renewed at the earliest, and higher output circuit (heating, water heating…) later. 

Blackout precautions 
In case of blackout threat, it is possible to limit customer consumption (via broadcast commands), or disconnect them, respectively. Such a solution is valid for central control which is superior to local control. Local control watches network frequency. In case of significant deviation, local control executes intervention in consumption. Smart meter is equipped with frequency relay – if the network frequency is low, the network is overloaded and the biggest loads (water heating, accumulators…) begin to being disconnected, and the other way around. If customer owns energy source (small water power plant, wind power plant, photovoltaic panels), it is possible to control connecti on/disconnection of these sources.