Data Transmission via LV Lines

We are considering the requirements of energy companies

ModemTec is already not only producer of devices for data transmission via low voltage power lines. We evolved new modern device, which allows data transmission via low voltage power lines, data transmission is faster and more reliable. The biggest advantage is possibility of data transmission at much greater distances.

Our technologies allowed data transmission in areas powered by a single LV substation, but now, there is no limitation with LV/HV transformation and data can be send from this substation, too. 

ZVN22 final

Modem MT-VN-B is medium voltage PLC communication module. It is designed for use at existing MV lines up to 35 kV. Model offers a lot of possibilites of use - it can be part of smart grid network or used as remote control of substation, customer can use it as a general transmission channel for some specified area (customer-specific application - especially used in industry). MT-VN-B works with the state-of-the-art error corrector (FEC) - algorithms of correction codes - to secure reliable channel in a case of unfavorable conditions on LV line.

Transmission is realized by SCM (single-carrier modulation) modulation. By a correct parametrization can be specific channel used maximally or it can take into account requirements of the current legislation. Communication rate is up to 10 kBit/s.

MT-VN-B supports a set of common protocols (modbus, IEC, DLMS, etc. ) and interfaces which can be easily extended. Module use standard set of common interfaces such as Ethernet or serial ports RS232 / RS485. Fully transparent mode with hardware controle of flow and internal 60 kB buffer is also supported. 

High output power (100W) and advanced data-processing allows to reach a long distance (up to 30 km) with no repeaters needed. Output power is adjustable to current legislation. It has unique dual-channel topology with independent black channel and high receiver sensitivity with two-stage automatic gain control. MT-VN-B meets the requirements of common EMC and isolation voltage standards (IEC - 60060-1, EN61000-4). 

Typical applications:

  • Smart Grid data transfers
  • Remote metering
  • Remote substation diagnostics and control
  • General robust channel for industrial use