Data Transmissions in Industrial Environment

Application is primarily intended for Modbus communication protocol transmission over 230V powerline. This application can be used as a serial interface extension by several kilometers.

Wide communication possibilities of our modems enable their usage either in master – slave or peer - peer mode where both modems are functionally equal. This nature in particular is
applicable for Modbus protocol with dynamic master alternation configuration.

The Key Characteristics:                                                                                                                                                                                                    

  • Reliable data transmissions in industrial environment
  • Transmission distance of several kilometers
  • No new cabling and construction changes necessary
  • Available serial interfaces: RS 232, RS 422, RS 485
  • Modbus protocol transmission over 230V/50Hz powerline
  • Protocol independency (not limited just for Modbus RTU protocol)
  • Communication rate 10kbit/s