Multiutility solution

Do you need detailed information about electricity and other media consumption? Would you like to increase efficiency of their utilization? Don´t you want to pay for deadhead and energy thieves? Are you interested in control and regulation of all media from one place? Please, meet the GEP: Grid Events Processing.

These days request quick and complex solutions. ModemTec offers such a solution: device for remote reading of higher number of various meters. In Smart Grid systems, it is too few to read one type of e-meter remotely only and transfer data to the central system. 
It is necessary to cover various meters, control them, and connect their readouts. Within one application, we are able to read all house meters remotely. Multi utility solution interconnects various communicati ons technologies. In most cases, the cooperation between PLC and radio technologies happens. Readings of water meters, gas meters, heat meters, and heat cost allocators are realized through wireless M-Bus, ZigBee, and proprietary technologies, respecti vely. This complex soluti on of remote meter readings can effectively save costs and time for reading procedures. Moreover, you can expect signifi cant reduction in number of devices necessary for the realization of all projects.

What is GEP

GEP: Grid Events Processing is a system for measuring energy consumption and electricity take-off control (as well as water, gas and heat take-offs). It enables remote data reading, changing in e-meters tariffs, detection unauthorized take-offs, or remote switch off/on of the customers. All of these functionalities are available without personal visit of a measured place.
It is a system, which brings you many advantages in the areas of cost savings and efficiency of energy utilisation.

How GEP System works

GEP system comprises following components:                                                                                                                                       

  • single meteres
    • e-meters (single-phase, three-phase)
    • water meters
    • gas meters
    • heat meters
  • data concentrator(s)
  • aggregation server with central system

Data from meters are transferred via existing power lines into the data concentrator, which serves as halfway house between measuring points and central system. From data concentrator, the data are transmit via optical interface, telephony line  or GRPS communication into the central system, which is the „heart“ of the ISAR System. Computer server automatically collects, saves and analyzes data from singular measuring places (consumption, take-offs profiles, power line diagnostic, etc.). It is possible to interconnect the information from the server with with other customer´s systems, i.e. billing and accounting systems, operations control systems or information systems.
In order to read the data from e-meters remotely, a PLC (Power Line Carrier) technology that fully comply with European norms is used. This technology enables reliable data transmission even in highly disturbed (industrial) environment. Thanks to this technology, no construction works and cabling are necessary. System also enables integration of already installed e-meters with standardized interface (impulse, serial, M-BUS output). In these cases, an external communication unit is used for remote reading. It can read i.e. up to four meters with impulse output. Thus, it is not necessary to replace installed meters!

What can GEP System offer to you

  • remote e-meteres and other meters (water meters, gas meters, heat meters) reading
  • dynamic monitoring of take-offs and network status
  • energy loss identification
  • remote switch off/on of the customers
  • changing over tariffs functions 
  • monitoring take-offs profiles
  • detection of unauthorized take-offs
  • immediate detection of unauthorized meter manipulation
  • remote diagnostic of measuring points
  • archiving and billing of measured values
  • significant financial savings


Who will benefit from GEP System

  • energy suppliers (system enables on-line take-offs overview and immediate feedback according to customer´s needs)
  • custodians, administrators of shopping centers and recreation facilities
  • housing associations
  • developers
  • property, town and municipality landlords 
  • park´s administrators (industrial, administrative, sports)
  • mass actions and trade fairs organizers
  • designers who design building projects, housing developments

Briefly said, ISAR System will be appreciated by all those, who need to have accurate and fast overview about energy consumption, want to influence it, invoice it separately, save money and use the modern technology.

Where can be GEP System used

There is a significant advantage of the ISAR System: due to the fact, that it uses existing power line grid transmitting medium, no construction works are necessary. It can be used in residential houses, flats, recreational facilities, industrial buildings, offices, and also in temporary objects like trade halls.

Why just GEP ?

Apart from abovementioned advantages, you can also appreciate:

  • Convenience at energy consumption monitoring and its controlling due to remote supervision based on highly advanced communication technology
  • High communication safety as the transferred data are encrypted
  • Multi-tariff measuring possibility
  • Savings, that could be reached due to detection of unauthorized take-offs
  • On-line warning of alarm events (non-delivery of electricity, detection of manipulation with terminal cover)
  • Programming of automatic e-meters activity – e.g. calendar set up, or periodic meter reading
  • System backup without interrupting of other activities

….and other advantages, which you will evaluate during the daily technology utilization, developed by company with long-term experiences with data transfers over power line grid.