Powerful PLC solution for MV lines

Our PLC modem portfolio has just been expanded by a new modem designed for medium voltage lines up to 22 kV (35 kV on request). MT-MVPLC1-R is an MTEC standard based model which allows both simple point-to-point communication and also more complex network topology with repeaters.

MT-MVPLC1-R is the first model which provides the option to change carrier frequency. Another advantage of this modem is a high-performance output stage enabling error-free communication over long distances - up to several tens of kilometers. High transmission power guarantees great reach even in low-impedance networks (typically heavy-duty networks with many transformer stations in cities). To configure these modems, the same version of RSet tool is used as for modems for 230 V / 400 V grid. You can find an updated version 3.2.5 of RSet tool ready to downloat at  product page.