Data concentrators

Data concentrators

ModemTec’s data concentrators are necessary part of devices that communicate over the PLC channel. They work in various modes. Concentrators transfer raw data from primary device (e-meter), or they process them.

Data-concentrator MT4 is a fundamental part of the system of automatic remote data reading from the Smart Grid device. Can communicate with meters, on the surface of LV 3x230V based on the Prime Standard, on the network under a single transformers.

Powerful module for communication and data collection from gas meters, water meters, calorimeters, electricity and heat meters, equipped with remote readout capability. It can communicate with measuring devices using several different interfaces.

Mini-data concentrator collects all data from endpoints and save them in its internal memory. It can transfer raw data from primary device (e-meter), or they process them. Concentrator allows parameterization of subordinate devices. The communication with superior server (in the basic version) is provided by the GPRS (LTE) channel or Ethernet.


MT-MD-01 ořez

  • Expand functionality of datacontrentator/mini-dataconcetrator 
  • For example:
    • MT-MD-01 - provides communication with meters supporting Wireless M-Bus protocol (868MHz)