Powerful module for communication and data collection from gas meters, water meters, calorimeters, electricity and heat meters, equipped with remote readout capability. It can communicate with measuring devices using several different interfaces.

Mini-data concentrator collects all data from endpoints and save them in its internal memory. It can transfer raw data from primary device (e-meter), or they process them. Concentrator allows parameterization of subordinate devices. The communication with superior server (in the basic version) is provided by the GPRS (LTE) channel or Ethernet.

Main characteristics

The communication with these meters are mainly served by mDongle MT-MD-01 module that provides conversion from wireless (e.g. WMBus 868MHz) to wired RS485 connection. There is also a possibility to use wire connection directly, to support conventional serial lines (M-Bus).

  • Unified communication with all types of devices 
  • Data analysis and predictions directly on data concentrator
  • Advenced filtering of events
  • Extremely optimized protocol
  • Advanced communication tasks scheduler with the option of setting priorities - increasing success of data collection from important devices
  • Safety - authentication, authorization and encryption
  • Support of multiple servers and server's applications

Supported meters

  • Partner´s products
  • Possibility of support for devices with communication interface: M-BUS, Wireless M-BUS, RS485, RS232

Supported head-end systems

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It is possible to integrate any head-end system via SOAP protocol (web services).

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