Data-concentrator MT4 is a fundamental part of the system of automatic remote data reading from the Smart Grid device. Can communicate with meters, on the surface of LV 3x230V based on the Prime Standard, on the network under a single transformers.

With additional modules MT-MD-01 is able to communicate well with water meters, gas meters, RTN and other devices in the standard W-MBUS. Data-concentrator collects all data from the endpoints are stored in the internal memory with the option of forwarding them to the host system or processing in the concentrator. The concentrator also allows parameterizations and commanding slaves. There are several options for communication with superior system. It can use Ethernet or GPRS / 2G / 3G.

Main characteristics

  • Unified communication with all types of devices in smart grid based on SW drivers and HW modules
  • Data analysis and predictions directly on data concentrator
  • Advenced filtering of events
  • Extremely optimized protocol
  • Advanced communication tasks scheduler with the option of setting priorities - increasing success of data collection from important devices
  • Safety - authentication, authorization and encryption
  • Support of multiple servers and server's applications

Supported head-end systems

Symur         mycroft mind               serviceSW en

It is possible to integrate any head-end system via SOAP protocol.

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