• system for remote reading of meters - meters, water meters, gas meters, calorimeters
  • automatic meter reading at a distance.

Fully automatic system for monitoring and visualization of electricity consumption. This application covers all types of energy - electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, heat cost allocators.
System allows remote reading, detection of unauthorized consumption,secured data transfer from measuring point to the central application, etc. SYMUR is an unique tool for saving energy & costs. 

Software is designed for administration of smart grid networks working on data concentrators MT44D-PR and MT14.

SW provides configuration of individual devices according to customer requirements (readout profiles, logs, priorities, etc.). It is intended to solving problems with devices and communication. Service software is designed for upgrade individual devices.

SW allows monitoring of statistics in communication, states of individual devices and sending commands to individual devices (isolator, calendar, limiter, etc.).

SW is designed for local device management. The most common communication technology is an optocoupler,
but it is also possible to use a serial line or PLC modem.

 SW allows configuration of individual devices according to customer requirements (profiles, logs, priorities, etc.).

It is also designed to address device and communication problems. It is also intended to upgrade individual devices.

 In addition, the SW allows you to send commands to individual devices. E.g. disconnector, calendar, limiter, load control, etc.

SW is the gateway between IT infrastructure and Smart Grid based on MT44D, MT14 data concentrators. The SW is located on the server side. There may be multiple installations of the MT adapter at the same time to create more gates into the Smart Grid network.

Smart Grid GIS helps analyze devices and communication paths between Smart Grid devices with regard to their geographical position.

Customer is able to diagnose disorders of communication, and long-term behavior of the network.

Smart Grid GIS enables to detect whether the device cannot communicate because of defects, excessive distance from other points, or whether there is a source of disturbance at a given location, which causes communication problems in larger devices group.