Programmable logic arrays


ModemTec’s products are based on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology, which is highly dynamic sector in the area of semiconductor components. Its micro technology structure very quickly absorbs technologic trends prevailing in semiconductors. These trends have two major directions: permanently increasing clock rate, and increase of logic elements density. Traditional square layout of construction elements (transistors) was changed into vertical layout, which resulted in significant density rise. 
FPGA technology has several unique characteristics. It enables to create structures with parallel processing, structures of finite state machines, and up to 32 bits processor unit with appropriate operation system support. All (these) possibilities can be combined together in one circuit. If sigma-delta modulators are used, it is possible to implement AD, and DA converters into FPGA. It is thus very effective to create customized customer’s solution. Wide range of programs support is provided in the form of functions libraries. Acceleration and optimizati on of proposals is also supported. Product lines of FPGA enable to design technical solutionalso in extreme cases – from small solutions till cosmic programs. Nowadays, the new FPGA chipset was introduced with PGA, system on chip (SoC) based on ARM Cortex A9, and AD converter in one package. 

The basic advantages of FPGA technology:

  • High integration
  • High computi ng performance
  • Low consumpti on
  • Fast applicati on development
  • Co-existence and simple co-operati on of various signal processing