System for Multiutility Readings

Fully automatic system for monitoring and visualization of electricity consumption. This application covers all types of energy - electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, heat cost allocators. 
System allows remote reading, detection of unauthorized consumption,secured data transfer from measuring point to the central application, etc. SYMUR is an unique tool for saving energy & costs.


Why is good to monitore energy consumption continously during the year?

  • Data are available at anytime during the year
  • Comfortable data evaulation 
  • Available data via web pages not only for administrator, but for user, too
  • Lower costs of reading consumptions
  • Remote reading for all meters in the building all at once
  • Functional alarms, which can informate you about unauthorized take-offs
  • Information about consumption needed for billing
  • Management of measured points in selected areas
  • Comparison of consumption in selected periods

Who is this smart solution suitable for?

  • Energy suppliers (who can use on-line monitoring of consumption)
  • Administrators of buildings, shopping centers, building complexes
  • Housing cooperatives
  • Developers
  • Schools, hospitals
  • Cities, villages
  • Administrators of industrial, administrative, sport areas, etc.
  • Industrial clients (the factories)

SYMUR is great solution for all people, who need to manage own energy consumption and save energy & time using a very modern system. 

Advantages of SYMUR system

Savings energy can be achieved only if you regularly monitor your own consumption. SYMUR automatically reads all data at presets intervals from meters and send them via data concentrator to the data center. You can comfortable evaluate them anywhere and anytime vie the internet. In case of need you can be informed about all alarms or emergency situations via email or SMS. Visualization of SYMUR system allows easy acces to data for all users (administrator, technician, tenant, etc.).

  • Open solutions to various manufacturers of measuring instruments (there is possibility to choose meters due to price, properties, etc.)
  • Supported radio meters with radiofrequency 868 MHz and 169 MHz protocol w - less MBus a Zig - Bee, or communication through RS 485 a M - Bus
  • Energy loss identification, theft detection, disrepair
  • Information about unauthorized take-offs
  • Monitoring of events and energy take-off profiles
  • Information about technical problems on measuring equipment
  • Safe management of data (using encryption, access control)

There are two options how to use SYMUR system - you can buy full sollution and it can work on your own server (there are no month fees) or you can use kapacity of ModemTec server, so you will not have to worry about ugrade web browsers, server maintenance, etc.

Financing can also be possible in the form of rent or lease.

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